Alexander Rakoczy [email protected]


I am a software engineer with a passion for amazing teams, hard problems, and new challenges. During my career I have built and managed teams, debugged routers in data centers, hooked GDB up to running payment processors for public companies, and delivered enjoyable customer facing experiences.

I have a strong belief that you can't learn without humility, and that delivering a great product means building a great team that values mutual respect.

My hobbies include playing guitar, cooking, cycling (motorized or not), and jumping on a cheap plane ticket to somewhere.

Practical Experience

Signal December 2015 - Present
Senior Software Engineer

At Signal, I worked on User Activation for a Data Managment Platform. Our system was implemented in Go, and sifted through billions of user profiles a day to help target users across advertising platforms.

In addition to writing software, I helped simplify our continuous integration and systems operations infrastructure.

I also acted as a technical PM on projects, writing and prioritizing stories for large efforts our team was tasked with.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry August 2015 - November 2015
Software Engineer

At Pivotal Cloud Foundry, I anchored a team responsible for building Pivotal Network, the website which distributes Cloud Foundry software and updates.

I lead an effort to implement continuous delivery to our production site. I also interviewed candidates, mentored new hires, and helped teach reactive programming principles to the team.

Hopscotch Technologies April 2015 - August 2015
Senior Software Engineer

At Hopscotch, I moved a significant portion of their production infrastructure from Heroku to Amazon Web Services. This helped reduce their production budget by over a third, and gave their back-end the room to scale with increasing popularity of their iOS app.

My primary day-to-day focus was on improving and delivering features in their Rails API that backed their popular iOS application. This included push notifications, generating a realtime activity stream of user activity in the app, and search, performance and stability improvements.

I assisted with product design and planning, and I also delivered minor iOS features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Kitchensurfing March 2013 - March 2015
Director of Engineering

I joined Kitchensurfing as the first non-founder on the Product team. I helped Kitchensurfing build a best-in-class product team, building from one engineer to over a dozen people in various disciplines.

I introduced and helped perfect a product process that allowed us to rapidly test new ideas as the business adapted. Kitchensurfing was able to roll out and sunset new product lines, validate brand and product ideas in production, and launch a consumer iOS app.

I represented the engineering team in board and investment meetings, seeing the company from a Series A through a Series B round. During this time I introduced analytics and weekly reporting, measuring business, product, and engineering metrics.

Pivotal Labs November 2012 - March 2013
Software Engineer

Redesigned hosting infrastructure for a complicated, HIPAA-compliant application.

Groupon December 2010 - August 2012
Advanced Engineer

Lead API team to develop Groupon's API, powering mobile, front-end, and international applications. Scaled the API to thousands of requests per second. Redesigned order processing system to support new product lines. Grew with engineering team from less than ten engineers to hundreds. Quickly and permanently solved critical, complex production issues

OpenSprints 2006 - 2010
Software Engineer

Developed open-source hardware, firmware, and front-end software for an internationally utilized stationary bicycle racing platform. Enabled auto-updating deployments to remote embedded devices. Organized, promoted, and MC’d events using the system in cities nationwide, including InterBike in Las Vegas

Consulting 2009
Software Engineer

Full stack engineer for clients in multiple industries ranging from restaurants to social networks. Implemented pixel-perfect cross-browser compatible web interfaces. Automated application deployment and server administration.

Centro May 2007 - May 2009
Software Engineer

Successfully migrated a monolithic Rails application to a service oriented architecture. Integrated ad campaign tracking with third-party ad servers. Lead team migration from subversion to git.

Impractical Experience

Illinois Institute of Technology 2005-2008
Computer Science

My favorite courses were Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Physics, and Literature.